THE LOIN - super-short random snapshot encounters (low resolution video mini documentaries being transformed into animated gifs), a collaborative interactive net-based audiovisual project by Silvia Nonnenmacher and Jürgen Trautwein questioning conventions and standards in perceiving moving images and sound.

THE LOIN - are mini documentaries of San Francisco's seedy neighborhood the Tenderloin, an area of poverty, drug addiction, mental disorder and a very high density of homelessness. On daily walks through this downtown neighborhood a handheld pocket camera or phone is used to document the situations played out on these heavily populated sidewalks, without actually knowing what the camera will capture. When editing the material it is often surprising to see situations one has not been aware at the moment of passing by. Observing layers of movements, transitions and repetitions of people walking by each other, connecting with each other, crossing in front of each other, walking past each other, or are just standing, sitting, leaning, crouching, bending, wheeling, crawling and lying on downtown sidewalks. These animated super-shorts deal with the complexity of the perpetual reoccurring dynamics of inner city life from an accidental-walking-by perspective.

THE LOIN - looks into a borough through fragmented deconstruction of linear motion using repetition, abstraction, pixilation, alienation, deformation and anonymization. The sounds consist of deformed found footage and street-sounds re-sampled and fragmented. The Loin are short, mouse activated experimental, gif-films, using various java scripts and animated gif's, looped and sequenced.
THE LOIN - allows the viewer to move freely from one script and clip to another, possibly interacting with them and mentally blending them all to a pulsating experience of random mammalian energies  in a densely populated area in San Francisco.

Click on the links below and immerse yourself into the various activity-drones of the Tenderloin.

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