International Geographic


A painting series based on found maps of the world.

For the International Geographic painting series I did use found maps of the world as a two dimensional stage to populate them with immediate, essential, sparsely colored line figurations, acting out fragments of enigmatic dramas in an universe of maximum misunderstanding. My intention was to visualize the radical mystery of existence. We will decode the unthinkable but not everybody will be taken into the future.

International Geographic is a continuum of the NARRAGONIA “multiple identities” painting series based on found blueprints predominantly of the San Francisco International Airport. NARRAGONIA illuminates human behavior motivated by the illusion to achieve enlightenment through progress. Line based sparse figure conglomerates in search of the promised fools paradise, the land of plenty.

In the International Geographic series I' m applying the same acid humorous iconography (radical visual poetry) as in the NARRAGONIA series.
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