The NIESATT installations
an evolving drawing & multimedia hybridization project:

NIESATT is a neologism consistent of two German words, nie (never) and satt (full, enough, satisfied).
If NIESATT is read backwards and the double T substituted with a D it reads Dasein (being in this world or exercising being).

NIESATT explores selected drawings and their digital transformations in a process of constantly seeking new directions. The drawings I select to transform are not sealed inside the realms of aesthetics and theory but refer to the life around us. They reveal visions of the human drama on the battlefield of reality in our commercialized and machine dependent world. NIESATT are emotional realistic, thought- provoking drawings, which challenge the viewer to question his own behavior under the burden of the technocratic machine, and spread motivation to fill out the sterile emptiness with his own imagination.

All drawings and printed transformations are executed on 8,5'' x 11'' or Din A4 sheets of paper to draw parallels to the standardization of communication within corporate and mass culture. Sheet after sheet, minute after minute, I follow an inner voice knocking out simple, power loaded line drawings in a machine like rhythm. My intention is to create pristine, unpretentious images drawn in a fast and direct mode, which don't allow corrections. Drawings that don't work end up in a recycling loop where they are spontaneously worked over with pens, markers and colors. Some stay in this loop over many years accumulating multiple layers of content. They are like time capsules or as I call them time sheets. The time sheets are intended to reveal the process of change and not to freeze them as finished pieces. Occasionally time sheets are deleted through black paint strokes destroying their former content leaving only rudimentary fragments visible.

For site specific wall installations (dimensions variable) I rearrange selected NIESATT drawings to build new relationships. They are scanned, manipulated and enlarged using a computer. Finally the new arrangements are printed and taped to the wall to show the image in its entirety. The printed enlargements become the pixelized objectification of the drawings. The single sheets, the building blocks of the new arrangements are appearing like pixels themselves. Some of the installation themes are modified to new definitions, new interpretations, new compositions. These installations are based on the same essential elements (Leitmotiv). To visualize the multiple variation possibilities with one theme the positions of the single sheets are rearranged and time sheets are inserted. The black painted time sheets are the building blocks to write words or to create images revealing basic shapes of everyday objects, signs or symbols. The inclusion of time sheets within wall installations symbolizing the progress of time, as well as to make a textural distinction between digital prints and hand painted works based on the same paper. The result of these modifications are new images with the same basic features referring to repetition through slight changes. In 2003 I introduced color sheets to break the sterility of the black and white installations. I also introduced NIESATT label sheets as a signature and to brand name the project. To achieve a 3D extension of the line, I use objects that employ Styrofoam and black painted bamboo skewers, which stick out into the face of the spectator almost like eye threatening weapons. Selected installations employ paintings (symbolizing the commercial aspect of art), TV sets, slide- or multimedia projections and notebook pc s, featuring new media and net projects as, PHA, Macromeditations, NIESATT parallel worlds and many others.

NIESATT parallel worlds a NIESATT on the NET project (experimental visual entertainment). NIESATT parallel worlds explores the borders between real space drawing- installations and their digital transformations into various interactive net based projects. NIESATT parallel worlds investigates the parallel worlds of visual and textual information in constant motion, questioning contemporary issues as consumption overload and pseudo-information.

To further expand the dimensions of NIESATT, I decided to start the NIESATT in context "placing" and "posing" project. Taking NIESATT label sheets on tour documenting their journey with a digital camera. These images are taken on trips between Europe and the US. NIESATT in context includes photo documentations of placing actions and posing performances. Temporary snap-shot interventions in public spaces, holding with both hands a NIESATT label sheet in front of my head or placing it into a fragment of reality. NIESATT in context is focusing on the labeling of reality and identity.

NIESATT paper wear, a ridicule of the fashion industry questions identity through brand name identification with the creation of the NIESATT clothes line. The paper wear clothes line stretches from bib and loin cloth samples to the full body armor outfit using color sheets, and safety pins. The intention is to create models of the most extreme contrast between the "primitive", one or two color sheets outfits and "sophisticated" full dresses employing multiple color sheets.

NIESATT continues to explore the experience of self in an evolving exploration and questioning project.

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