Jurgen Trautwein

Meta_Face is a video observing our obsessions and addictions in a digitalized world. Through our devices and social media we are being deep-faced, spied-on, infiltrated and manipulated to become vulnerable addicts, exploitable for perpetual digital harvest.

a memory visualization of motion and light
"Train Ride to Luxor" is a series of paintings recalling a segment of a 5 month journey through Southern Europe, the Middle East and Egypt. These paintings refer to the experience of traveling in a train from Cairo to Luxor.

This series is focusing on the view out of a window on a moving train in the heat of the midday sun.

OFL 27
OFL Old Family Linen and the Endurance of Folds
OFL is part of the evolving "traces of times past" multidisciplinary art project and belongs to a work cycle of paintings reusing and recycling found material. The series is about the barely visible, absence of form, the void, silence, detachment, the unpredicted, the accidental outcome and the process of change.
OVER_TOP is reflecting, in a minimal-expressionistic manner, on the bizzare world we are living in, with a strong focus on the military industrial complex and it’s global, socio-political and environmental impact. OVER_TOP Parade of the Zeros exhibiton at Galerie am Kelterberg, Stuttgart. Text  by  Ronald F. Sauer
Tweetopia - three years on Twitter
Tweetopia are data-scrolls, documenting the passing of time, through minute changes in a fixed structure, using data from the evolving DiGi-FLiP project @jtwinedotcom on the micro-blogging site Twitter over the course of three years from 2012 to 2015. Tweetopia is available in three versions either lasting one hour, one minute, or one second. - Tweetopia  exhibition at Galerie Marek Kralewski Freiburg, Germany. Text by  Hans Dieter Fronz
In SISTER 7 strokes of paint form chance puddles, drops and explosions when hitting the industrial plastic. Energetic marks travel a meandering, unpredictable path. Several coats of varnish then confine and trap the paint almost as if frozen while in escape or motion…resulting in pictures that become controlled accidents. - Sister7 exhibition  at gallery 60six  in San Francisco, USA
TERRORERROR noise alert
TERRORERROR is an audio-visual 60 seconds terror-error-noise alert. A project that questions the wide range of human cruelties and despises terrorism, terror-states, terror-scare, repetitive propaganda, deep-infiltration, ueber-manipulation, arbitrary acts of destruction, systematized use of randomly focused violence, and the concept of great fear.
Look and listen for 60seconds then click, hit the back button or reload.

UHD is a html game junky parody project in 3 variations.
UHD is a browser based interactive split-screen audiovisual remix and color-composition-game using web-works and animations by jtwine.com.
UHD is an overdosing project, a critical reflection on the severely irritating advertisement bombardments of commercial pseudo-informative super flashy waste of time- and commercial social-networking and data-mining sites.
UHD is commenting on the cruelties of wars, on global warming, anarchy and on the capitalistic-prosumeristic everything turns into stupid gain-game-behavior that leads to nothing but maximum exploitation.  UHD is a click till you die color-noise game with no aim.

DeadPlanetFine* interactive animation
#interactive #mouseover #animations
DEADplanetFINE*, is an Orwellian web 1.0 retro-renaissance remixology project consisting of looped animated mouseover gif-film-crawls. DEADplanetFINE*, are animated acid humorous social-commentary-line-drawings interwoven with abstract blink-scrolls, that reflect on the nightmarish state of the world. This animation project shows humanity at its worst, as a multinational power hungry out of whack species, recklessly, overpopulating, exploiting and destroying it self and its environment. Depending on the movement of the mouse the animations take on various speeds and directions of motion. The project allows the viewer to interact with the animations and trigger the various loops. DEADplanetFINE*, uses a poly linguistic sound blur drone.
NET-DEX selected webworks
selected links to various audio-visual net.art projects executed between 1997 and 2014 and works that have been shown at various digital art festivals around the world.
Such as Screengrab6, Australia; Homeostasis lab; Web-Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey; European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany; File Festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil; Festival Arte Digital, Belo Horizonte, Brasil; Stuttgarter Film Winter, Germany; Espacio Enter, International Festival of Digital Culture, Canaris, Spain and others.

SKINS- acrylic paintings on collage


 Acrylic paintings on Collage
“Skins” presents Trautwein’s recent body of monochromatic acrylic paintings, constructed on geometrically ordered collages on letter-sized paper. The collages are made from ‘time-sheets,’ a collection of unwanted drawings, paintings, prints, sketches, notes, flyers, form-letters. These materials are created and saved by the artist over time, the personal content of which spans about 20 years. Trautwein joins together these time sheets, which he works on from both sides, in an intuitive process which allows for accidental fusions of various moments in time, and preserves the provisional nature of the recycled elements. Trautwein consolidates several years of information, scattered experiences and thoughts into physical objects which transcend the notion of content, and confront the viewer in an immediate, material and bodily mode.- SKINS at gallery 60six in San Francisco

Pen and Ink Drawings
Out of MY Mind

selected drawings

Trautwein’s drawings are raw thought;
Drawing is to him like breathing out the human folly .
Trautwein usually draws on industrially mass- produced paper in the letter- size format, a paper size on which most mainstream-everyday-information is written, printed and copied on.
Trautwein’s drawings come in series, mostly targeting contemporary issues - if not repetitive, meditative and abstract, he draws in a psychically spontaneous manner without knowing where the pen is leading him. He literally spits them out minute after minute, one after another, until the flow lasts. The hand that holds the pen has hit and finished the drawing before the mind starts to form a new idea, and at the end he doesn’t know who executed the drawing the hand or the mind.