Juergen Trautwein

    ZERO1ZERO Walks is a net-art/experimental mini documentaries project - Notes from the abyss, or sketches of my daily walks through a tough neighborhood. ZERO1ZERO walks are net based tributes to the disenfranchised, the poor and all those living on the edge of society.


  • XXX


    THE LOIN - are mini documentaries of San Francisco's seedy neighborhood the Tenderloin. On daily walks through this downtown neighborhood a handheld pocket camera or phone is used to document the situations played out on these heavily populated sidewalks, without actually knowing what the camera will capture.



    ONSPEED from slow motion to subliminal net-art/data-visualization ONSPEED is an animated version of one year’s repetitious activity within the evolving minimal tweet-drawing project jtwinedotcom on twitter, using twitter’s 140 character limitations, showing information as an endless flow of impermanence.


  • DEADplanetFINE*

    DEADplanetFINE* An Uber-Wahnsinn paranoid trembling project, a web 1.0 retro-renaissance remixology consisting of looped animated interactive mouseover-gif-film-crawls. Depending on the movement of the mouse the animations take on various speeds and directions of motion.


  • noise pix bombs

    noise pix bombs - jtwine re-twined - click your way into infinite repetitions of the same, an always the Same-Game SPIEL ohne ZIEL project. n_p_b is a remix, consisting of various former jtwine net art projects re-contextualized and re-twined. This is an anti war, experimental, virtual interactive sound-image-composition pseudo game.